Trimble Combustion Systems uses the best products and works with the top manufacturers known for safety and reliability. Take a look at the wide range of companies we work with and the products we use.

Trimble Combustion Systems


Controllers & Recorders

Yokogawa is headquartered in Sugar Land, TX. The company provides controllers and recorders, data acquisition recorders and multi-loop controllers, and transmitters and flow meters.

Trimble Combustion Systems


Controler Software

SpecView develops sophisticated supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) software. This software integrates with most controllers.

Trimble Combustion Systems


Combustion Components

Siemens offers combustion control products, including gas shut-off valves, oil shut-off valves, burner management systems, temperature gauges, controllers, and pressure switches.

Trimble Combustion Systems


Smart Technology

Sensus offers applications and smart technologies for electric, water, lighting, and gas utilities. Their headquarters are in Morrisville, NC.

Trimble Combustion Systems

Selas – Pyronics


Selas is a manufacturer of combustion products and burners. These include blowers, mixers, valves, regulators, flame safeguards, air heaters, and package burners.

Trimble Combustion Systems

Selas – Ensign Ribbon Burners

Ensign Ribbon Burners

Selas is a manufacturer of combustion systems, components, controls, and ribbon burners for every industry. They’ve been in business since 1896 with their headquarters in Streetsboro, OH.

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Meters & Instruments

Roots – Dresser Gas Solutions has been a manufacturer for over 100 years. They provide meters, instruments, provers, pumps, and actuators. They are located in Houston, Texas.

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Temperature Sensing, Thermocouples, RTD’s

REOTEMP in San Diego, CA manufacturers pressure and temperature instrumentation. Their products include sensors, thermometers, gauges, and pressure transmitters.

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Temperature Sensing, Thermocouples, RTD’s, Sensors

Pyromation from Fort Wayne, Indiana, has been manufacturing and supplying thermocouples, RTDs, temperature sensors, and other temperate controls for over 50-years.

Trimble Combustion Systems


Electrical Flame Safety Equipment

Founded in 1953, PCI Protection Controls, Inc. is located in Skokie, IL. They offer a combustion safeguard system that protects against combustible fuel buildup.

Trimble Combustion Systems


Temperature Controllers & Recorders

Partlow is located in Lake Villa, IL. The company started in 1984 and manufactures controllers, recorders, valves, steam products, gauges, and thermometers.

Trimble Combustion Systems


Gas Regulators & Filters

Located in Southfield, MI, Maxitrol Company is a manufacturer of natural gas equipment including regulators, ball valves, filters, gas, modulator valves, manifolds, and electronic thermostats.

Trimble Combustion Systems

Honeywell Slate

Controllers Flame Safety (single or multi-burner)

Provides flame safety products for single and multi-burners addressing: fuel ratio control, o2 trim, mass flow control, temperature control, first-out annunciation, and wire sheet logic.

Trimble Combustion Systems

Honeywell Maxon

Combustion Components, Burners, Valves <H3>

Maxon is part of Honeywell. They offer a complete combustion line of equipment and industrial burners. These include oil and gas burners and shut-off and control valves.

Trimble Combustion Systems

Honeywell KromSchroder

Combustion Equipment

Equipment includes combustion and controls, burners, blowers, flame safeguard relays, metering systems, flow control, safety shut-off valves, pressure switches, regulators, solenoid valves.

Trimble Combustion Systems

Honeywell HC900

Controllers Flame Safety (single or multi-burner)

The multi-loop process controller is great for heat treat applications, kilns, ovens, furnaces, dryers, oil heaters, and tank farms. Both pc based and HMI for operator interfaces.

Trimble Combustion Systems

Honeywell Hauck

Burners & Heat Exchangers

Now part of Honeywell, Hauck started manufacturing industrial burner products in 1888. Products include burners and heat exchangers, burner management systems, fuel, and air delivery.

Trimble Combustion Systems

Honeywell Eclipse

Burners, Components & Valves

Products include burners for air heating, furnaces, and tube firing; heat exchanges, air, and fuel supply components; shut-off and control valves; and process measurement and controls.

Trimble Combustion Systems

Fives North American

Combustion Systems, Burners, Valves

Since 1812, Fives remain a leader in combustion supplies, including burners, combustion accessories, controls, instrumentation, chambers, and fuel handling systems.

Trimble Combustion Systems


Flame Safety Control

Since 1930, Fireye has been manufacturing commercial and industrial applications. Their main products include burner controls, flame scanners, igniters, retractors, and gas pilots.

Trimble Combustion Systems


Portable Combustion, Emission & Gas Analyzers <H3> 

Enerac started in 1979 and, for over 40 years, has been a lead manufacturer of portable combustion emission and gas analyzers. They are located in Holbrook, NY.

Trimble Combustion Systems


Pressure Gauges

Located in Michigan City, Indiana, and founded in 1931, Dwyer manufactures controls, sensors, and instrumentation solutions. Now they have satellite locations worldwide.

Trimble Combustion Systems


Spark Igniters

Operating since 1950, Crown is the original OEM flame rod, terminal, and electrode manufacturer. Located in Farmington, NJ, they provide ignition applications for oil and gas-fired equipment.

Trimble Combustion Systems


Spark Igniters 

Auburn began manufacturing spark plugs in 1910. Champion acquired them in 1977, and now they have production plants in both the US and Mexico and make high-quality spark igniters.

Trimble Combustion Systems


General Controls, Gas & Oil Safety Shut-off Valves, Solenoid Valves

Headquartered in Florham Park, NJ, with offices and distributors worldwide, ASCO has been manufacturing controls since 1888. We specifically use their shutoff valves because of their reliability.

Trimble Combustion Systems


Pressure Switches, Gas Pressure Switches, & Air Differential Switches

Family-owned, Antunes in Carol Stream, Illinois, has been in business since 1955 and provides custom solutions for the international foodservice market.

Trimble Combustion Systems


Industrial Ignitors & Transformers

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Allanson International has been designing innovative electrical products since 1926. They provide products for the lighting and HVAC markets.