Manufacturing businesses suffer lost production due to burner and instrumentation failure, resulting in revenue loss. We have solutions that use common-sense engineering and customized solutions to reduce lost production and ensure a safe, efficient workplace.

We Provide Peace of Mind:
We provide on-call 24/7 burner repair and maintenance service; burner tuning; and instrumentation control systems to our customers
nationwide. Should you experience a burner problem, our extensive parts department is ready to serve you.

Trimble Combustion Systems’ team has prided itself on safety and customer care, providing regular leak checks including proof of reliable interlocks. We provide peace of mind.

Vision Statement:
We are the trusted standard for safe, reliable, energy efficient, innovative combustion system solutions for the clients that we serve. We deliver high quality combustion control products and consulting services to ensure our customers achieve safe, reliable, customized solutions that can enable increased production and minimize lost production time.

Trimble Combustion Systems is a company that prides itself on customer satisfaction and safety.

We measure our success by the success and satisfaction of our customers. Meeting the needs of our clients is our #1 goal! We do this by Providing common-sense engineering solutions which ensure safety that create security for everyone we serve.
The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) determines the standards that are used for industrial ovens and furnaces. These standards are explicitly described in document number eighty-six (86). NFPA 86 is used by every major Insurance Underwriter in the United States as a safety standard for industrial ovens and furnaces.

Our complete process systems include custom: control panels; fuel trains; burners; instrumentation; start-up; tuning. Additionally, our highly trained combustion engineers and technicians are capable of repairing any combustion system in high, medium and low temperature applications.

Combustion systems account for nearly 75% of all energy used in U.S. manufacturing. With the rising cost of energy it is our goal to come up with innovative ways to use this energy responsibly.

At Trimble Combustion Systems our experienced service technicians can also quickly identify and correct your burner related failures so as to optimize your run time. As mandated by NFPA86 the burner system safeties are to be tested at least annually. Our detailed safety testing procedure will ensure the safe and reliable operation of the combustion system.

“We provide peace of mind” 


Fast Equipment Servicing

Avoid costly repairs with proper maintenance done by experts with years of experience.
Custom Packaged Systems

Custom Packaged Systems

Skid-mounted, pre-assembled systems are economical, quickly deployed, and easy to integrate.

Custom Systems

When no one else can do it, our innovative engineers can.

Installations & Commissioning

Don’t let a bad installation ruin a good system.

Combustion Training

Having trained staff is a valuable resource, improves productivity, and increases safety.

Annual Safety Audits

Uncover safety and performance issues before they cause more significant problems and lost production.

Reliable & Accurate Calibrations

Be confident in your equipment’s accuracy.

Burner Rebuilds / Upgrades

Can your system benefit from a burner upgrade?




Yokogawa is headquartered in Sugar Land, TX. The company provides controllers and recorders, data acquisition recorders and multi-loop controllers, and transmitters and flow meters.



SpecView develops sophisticated supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) software. This software integrates with most controllers.



Siemens offers combustion control products, including gas shut-off valves, oil shut-off valves, burner management systems, temperature gauges, controllers, and pressure switches.



Sensus offers applications and smart technologies for electric, water, lighting, and gas utilities. Their headquarters are in Morrisville, NC.

Selas – Pyronics

Selas – Pyronics

Selas is a manufacturer of combustion products and burners. These include blowers, mixers, valves, regulators, flame safeguards, air heaters, and package burners.

Selas – Ensign Ribbon Burners

Selas – Ensign Ribbon Burners

Selas is a manufacturer of combustion systems, components, controls, and ribbon burners for every industry. They’ve been in business since 1896 with their headquarters in Streetsboro, OH.