We Provide Peace of Mind.

We Provide Peace of Mind.

Services - Equipment Servicing

Emergency Service

Equipment ServicingTrimble Combustion Systems has service technicians on call 24/7 to solve any system malfunctions you may encounter. With commonly used parts on our trucks and vast knowledge we can minimize your down time. Through our experience in the field and expertise we can create more reliable and safer process heating equipment.


Regular service calls can be scheduled with flexible hours to fulfill our customer's needs. Schedule anything from calibrations to start-up and our reliable technicians will get the job done.


We provide quick and accurate calibrations along with certified documentation. Our instruments are calibrated regularly so as to ensure optimal process performance to all of our customers. All of our calibrations meet NIST standards.

Safety Testing

NFPA86 states:

  • 7.5.4 "All safety interlocks shall be tested for function at least annually"
  • 7.5.5 "The set point of temperature, pressure, or flow devices used as safety interlocks shall be verified at least annually."
  • 7.5.6 "Safety device testing shall be documented at least annually."

Trimble Combustion Systems will ensure compliance to these NFPA86 standards. Our safety tests include: leak checking safety shut-off valves, vent valves, and pilot valves; checking for proper wiring and function on high and low gas pressure switches, airflow switches, high temperature limits, and flame safety controls. A commissioning report detailing the findings, recommendations and any corrective action taken will be provided.

Preventative Maintenance

Regularly scheduled maintenance will ensure the safety, reliability and efficiency of the burner. Our preventative maintenance service includes visual inspection, tear down, cleaning, repairing/replacement of components, re-assembly and tuning. Upon primary visual inspection our technicians are able to determine if this extensive maintenance is necessary.